Bitcoin long-term holders amp up activity as LTH-SOPR metric surges


18 Sep 2023 12:00 PM

Unveiling Bitcoin investor evolution: surging LTH-SOPR metrics insight...

  • The Long Term Holder SOPR (LTH-SOPR) metric has seen a recent surge, indicating increased activity among long-term Bitcoin investors.
  • LTH-SOPR spiked above 2, marking the third most significant spend of Bitcoin by this investor group in the current year.
  • This suggests a potential shift in investment strategies among long-term investors.
  • The surge in spending may be a response to market trends and economic indicators, but the exact reasons behind it are not disclosed.
  • Further data and trends will be needed to determine if this surge is a one-time event or part of a broader pattern.

The article provides an intriguing view into the activities of long-term Bitcoin investors, suggesting increased activity and a potential shift in investment strategies. However, it also highlights the need for more data to understand the reasons behind the surge in spending.

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