How Much Money Does it Take to ‘Moon’ Bitcoin? Analysis


30 Jun 2023 5:32 PM

Bitcoiners have many things to be bullish about in the next few months, but analysts think the ‘halving’ may not be one of them....

  • Analysts are skeptical about the impact of the upcoming 'halving' on Bitcoin's price.
  • Institutional interest in Bitcoin is growing, with major financial companies exploring Bitcoin-related products.
  • The total assets under management of these financial institutions amount to at least $27 trillion.
  • Bitcoin's price could multiply if these firms enter the market with even a small fraction of their wealth.
  • Roughly 450,000 BTC (~$13.5 billion) are highly active in spot markets and participate in price discovery.
  • Market intelligence firms have observed a transfer of wealth from investors with high time preferences to long-term holders.
  • Long-term holders have reduced their selling activity, potentially signaling the beginning of a new bull cycle.
  • Bitcoiners have shown remarkable conviction in holding their assets, even during price drops.
  • Some analysts argue that previous bull runs may not have been solely influenced by the halving event.

The sentiment in the article is generally positive, highlighting the growing institutional interest in Bitcoin and the potential for price growth. However, there is also skepticism regarding the impact of the halving on the market.

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