How Justin Sun helped Tron achieve a significant feat in DeFi TVL


18 Sep 2023 2:30 AM

Tron's pie of the total value locked on all blockchains went into double digits for the first time in history. ...

  • Tron's market share in the blockchain space is 10.21%, making it the second-largest blockchain after Ethereum.
  • Tron's market share would be over 16% if liquid staking is excluded.
  • Tron's recent growth in DeFi market share is attributed to deposits into the stUSDT protocol.
  • The increase in Tron's TVL was driven by the lending platform JustLend, with a 22% jump in assets deposited.
  • Justin Sun's transfers involving $815 million in stablecoin TrueUSD contributed to the spike in JustLend's TVL.
  • The value of TRX tokens is currently $0.083, with a weekly growth rate of 6.5% and a monthly growth rate of 11.8%.
  • TRX tokens are being removed from circulation, resulting in a net decrease in the circulating supply by 6.86 million.

The article highlights positive developments for Tron, including its increasing market share and growth in the DeFi space. The value of TRX tokens has also been rising, and there is a decrease in circulating supply.

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