How does Arbitrum [ARB] typically react after an unlock?


19 Sep 2023 2:30 AM

Arbitrum DAO is gearing up for a cliff unlock on 16 March 2024. This would populate the market with a whopping 1.11 billion ARB tokens....

  • ARB tokenomics, particularly the token unlock feature, have been of significant interest in the crypto-space.
  • ARB appreciated by 3% on the first day of unlocks, followed by a three-week downtrend causing a 21% price dip.
  • After 25 days, prices started to recover dramatically, rising by nearly 19% from the unlock day.
  • 49% of the maximum supply has been locked, while 51% remains unlocked.
  • A cliff unlock is scheduled for March 16, 2024, which would release 1.11 billion ARB tokens, worth $907 million, and represent 87% of ARB's circulating supply.
  • This event would trigger an unlock schedule with sixteen-day intervals over the next four years.

The sentiment of the article is mixed. It highlights both positive and negative aspects of ARB's tokenomics, including price fluctuations and upcoming challenges.

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