Hong Kong Official Calls For Crypto Regulation Amid JPEX Fiasco

Coin Edition
Coin Edition

19 Sep 2023 8:32 PM

The Chief Executive of HKSAR has called for stricter crypto regulations following the recent issues with the crypto exchange JPEX. Read more on Coin Edition....

  • Hong Kong's Chief Executive, John Lee, has called for stricter regulations in the crypto industry following issues with local exchange JPEX.
  • JPEX recently suspended trading and withdrawals, leading to an investigation by local police and regulators.
  • Lee emphasized the need for a proper regulatory regime to protect investors and maintain Hong Kong's ambition to become a global digital assets hub.
  • He urged investors to only use licensed and regulated crypto platforms and announced plans for public education on the risks of crypto investments.
  • JPEX had been accused of operating without a license, resulting in over 1400 complaints and the arrest of six individuals, including social media influencers.

The article highlights the need for stricter regulations in the crypto industry in Hong Kong, with the Chief Executive emphasizing investor protection and the impact on the city's digital assets ambitions. The sentiment is neutral to slightly negative due to the issues with JPEX and the arrests made.

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