Here's How to Detect Crypto Scam With Etherscan Knowing Only Website Name


28 Jun 2023 3:47 PM

Etherscan Code Reader can help users detect malicious contracts and get insighful statistics about random crypto apps...

  • Etherscan, a leading block explorer for Ethereum and EVM-compatible blockchains, has introduced a new AI-powered tool called Etherscan Code Reader.
  • The Code Reader allows users to browse through smart contracts without requiring coding skills.
  • By entering the address of a smart contract into Etherscan and using the Code Reader mode, users can access valuable information and statistics.
  • Users can view the functions that the contract is capable of, including address-restricted functions that can help identify malicious contracts.
  • Information about events associated with the smart contract, such as token transfers and mints, is also available.
  • The Code Reader tool can be useful in detecting malicious activities, such as honeypot contracts and tokens with restricted operations.

The article provides information about Etherscan's new Code Reader tool, which is seen as a helpful and valuable resource for users to explore smart contracts without coding skills. It highlights the benefits of the tool in detecting malicious activities and provides examples of potential scams. Overall, the sentiment is positive towards the Code Reader tool and its capabilities.

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