Yuga Labs' 'HV-MTL Forge' Has Opened: Here's What You Need to Know


29 Jun 2023 7:26 PM

Yuga Labs has unveiled new details about its metaverse gaming expansion, the HV-MTL Forge. Here's what you need to know....

  • Yuga Labs has announced the "HV-MTL Forge," a metaverse gaming expansion.
  • HV-MTL is a gaming venture featuring a narrative around 30,000 sentient mech NFTs.
  • The Forge is a mix between a pet game and a casual world builder, eventually becoming a competitive dungeon crawler.
  • Players will need to build a workshop, keep their HV happy, and evolve into an Evo2 to earn powerful upgrades.
  • The gameplay includes forging, energy generation, crafting stations, decorative objects, portals, and taking care of the HVs.

The article provides information about the HV-MTL Forge, its gameplay, and features. It does not express a specific sentiment.

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