Blockchain Company Metatime Successfully Completes Its Presale Rounds and Raises $38 Million


28 Jun 2023 12:35 PM

Istanbul, Turkey - Metatime, a prominent technology company focused on shaping the future world and revolutionizing blockchain as an inclusive ecosystem,...

  • Metatime, a technology company focused on revolutionizing blockchain, has successfully concluded its presale rounds, raising $38 million from corporate and individual investors.
  • The company aims to create a transparent and all-encompassing blockchain ecosystem and lead the transformation toward Web 3.0.
  • MetaChain, the central component of Metatime's ecosystem, offers fast transaction processing, low fees, scalability, and compatibility with Ethereum.
  • Metatime's smart contract code received a perfect 10/10 rating after a thorough audit by Hacken, a blockchain audit firm.
  • The CEO expressed gratitude for the support and trust of investors and partners, emphasizing the company's commitment to delivering innovative solutions and driving global adoption of blockchain technology.
  • Metatime has offices in Istanbul, London, the USA, and Lithuania, and its portfolio includes MetaWallet, MetaLaunchpad, MetaPayment, MetaExchange, and MetaNFT.

The article has a positive sentiment, highlighting the successful conclusion of Metatime's presale rounds, the company's commitment to transparency and innovation, and the positive reception of its products and services.

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