Grow Protocol Raises Over $15,000 in First Hours of ICO Start


21 Nov 2023 12:00 PM

In a pioneering development in the Web3 realm, GROW Protocol announces its debut as the “world’s first real blockchain passive income coin”...

  • GROW Protocol is introduced as the world's first real blockchain passive income coin, merging traditional revenue sources with blockchain technology.
  • The protocol addresses the challenge of inflation in the staking landscape and offers a 25% annual percentage rate in USDT through external revenue sources and strategic fee structures.
  • GROW Protocol is built on the Ethereum blockchain network and has its native token, GROW, which is essential for accessing the platform's features.
  • The roadmap for GROW Protocol includes KYC verification, security audits, DEX testing features, community growth initiatives, and the launch of innovative endeavors like GROW Exchange and Grow AI Trading Bot.
  • The team behind GROW Protocol is committed to regulatory compliance and building trust among investors and stakeholders.

The article portrays GROW Protocol as a pioneering and revolutionary project that aims to reshape the economic destinies of investors worldwide. The overall sentiment is positive.

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