Golteum’s(GLTM)  Utility Revolutionizing The Crypto Industry In The Wake Of A Promising Presale Round

Coin Edition
Coin Edition

30 Jun 2023 12:24 PM

Digital technology is the way of the future, and precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum are the catalyst of this. Since the beginning of time, these precious metals have frequently been used as money; yet, more recently, they have been held as assets of value. As blockchain pioneers shift to a world of digital […]...

  • Golteum is at the forefront of tokenizing precious metals like gold to provide new services in the digital asset ecosystem.
  • Connecting precious metals with cryptocurrencies removes liquidity obstacles and offers greater accountability and safety.
  • Golteum offers a multi-assets trading platform and a wide variety of utilities to give value to token owners and users.
  • The use of Proof-of-Reserve (PoR) enables GLTM token owners to participate in network verification and safety.
  • Golteum employs the services of Certik to audit its smart contracts and has certified team members.
  • Reward schemes encourage engagement and active involvement within the Golteum ecosystem.
  • The platform tokenizes real assets through a worldwide collection of precious metals producers, providing a decentralized mechanism.
  • Golteum's ecosystem is not susceptible to market volatility and uses Chainlink's Proof of Reserve to support its precious metal reserve.

The article generally presents Golteum and its initiatives in a positive light, highlighting the benefits of tokenizing precious metals and the various utilities and safety measures offered by the platform.

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