Golteum Expands Horizons with Chainlink BUILD As Launch Approaches | Bitcoinist.com


29 Jun 2023 5:50 PM

In a transformative move, two crypto projects have joined forces to reshape the future of precious metals trading. Golteum, the innovative Web3 platform, has...

  • Golteum, an innovative Web3 platform for precious metals trading, has joined Chainlink's ecosystem through its BUILD program.
  • This strategic alliance aims to unlock new opportunities and enhance the potential of the blockchain ecosystem.
  • Golteum gains access to Chainlink's Proof of Reserve system and industry-leading pricing data for precious metals.
  • Golteum will provide 4% of its native token supply to Chainlink's community of stakers and service providers.
  • Golteum has also partnered with Fireblocks for enhanced security and transparency of transactions.

The article highlights a positive development in the collaboration between Golteum and Chainlink, emphasizing the potential benefits for both platforms and the industry as a whole. The tone is optimistic and forward-looking.

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