Get Ready For Bitcoin's Next Surge: Analyst Believes 'This Is The Beginning'


18 Sep 2023 12:00 PM

Bitcoin (BTC) aficionados have something to smile about as crypto expert Jason Pizzino shares his optimistic outlook on the cryptocurrency's future...

  • Crypto expert Jason Pizzino shares an optimistic outlook on Bitcoin's future trajectory.
  • Pizzino believes Bitcoin is in the early stages of a bull market.
  • He points to a critical threshold of $28,500 that could confirm the ongoing bull market cycle.
  • Bitcoin's annual transaction volume has surpassed that of Visa, but nuances exist regarding retail adoption.
  • Pizzino's insights provide guidance for investors in the volatile crypto landscape.
  • Bitcoin's current price is $26,680, with a 24-hour gain of 0.5% and a seven-day rally of 3.3%.

The sentiment of the article is positive overall, highlighting the optimistic outlook of Jason Pizzino on Bitcoin's future trajectory and the potential for significant growth. The article also acknowledges the volatility of the crypto landscape but presents Pizzino's insights as a beacon of hope for investors.

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