Gemini Accuses DCG of Baiting Creditors Into Unfavorable Deal


18 Sep 2023 1:50 AM

Join Gemini's fight against DCG's bankruptcy plan. Discover how Gemini is standing up for its lenders, aiming to secure the highest recovery....

  • Gemini, a cryptocurrency exchange, continues to criticize Digital Currency Group's (DCG) bankruptcy plan, accusing DCG of trying to underpay its Genesis creditors.
  • Gemini opposes DCG's approach and aims to maximize the recovery of its customers' lost assets.
  • Gemini claims that DCG denies its role in the Genesis collapse and refuses to take responsibility.
  • Gemini objected to the bankruptcy plan due to its lack of clarity and essential payment details for creditors.
  • Creditors of Genesis have not received payment for loans that matured in May, totaling approximately $630 million.
  • Gemini initiated legal action against DCG and its founder, Barry Silbert, alleging deceptive conduct.

The article portrays Gemini's strong opposition to DCG's bankruptcy plan and their determination to fight for fair payment to creditors. There is a sense of frustration and criticism towards DCG's alleged attempts to underpay creditors and deny responsibility.

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