Le volume GBTC augmente de 79 % en juin au milieu des applications TradFi ETF


28 Jun 2023 3:50 PM

Le volume des transactions de la fiducie est passé à 45 millions de dollars en juin....

  • The volume of Grayscale's Bitcoin Trust product, GBTC, increased by nearly 80% in June.
  • This increase is attributed to the demand from asset manager BlackRock for a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) and similar deposits by two other major financial services companies.
  • GBTC remains the most traded trust product in the sector, accounting for 74% of volumes.
  • In comparison to Grayscale's ETHE trust, GBTC has outperformed in terms of transaction volume.
  • The positive sentiment towards the underlying asset aligns with the increasing volumes and market share of GBTC.
  • GBTC's stock price reached a one-year high after reports of Fidelity Investments preparing to follow BlackRock's demand for a Bitcoin ETF.
  • The discount of GBTC's stock price to its net asset value closed below 30%, a level not seen since July 2022.

The article highlights positive developments for Grayscale's Bitcoin Trust product, GBTC, including increased volume, market share, and a decrease in the discount of its stock price. The sentiment is generally optimistic.

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