Foremost Lawyer Commends Coinbase’s Opening on Case With the SEC

Coin Edition
Coin Edition

30 Jun 2023 1:19 PM

John E. Deaton has praised the filing by Coinbase’s lawyers in the ongoing case between the crypto exchange and the SEC. Read more....

  • John E. Deaton, a prominent crypto lawyer, has praised Coinbase's filing in the ongoing case with the SEC.
  • Deaton also commended other legal experts, including Ripple's legal team and Paul Grewal, whom he met on Twitter.
  • Coinbase filed a "motion for judgment on the pleadings" under Rule 12c, surprising many who expected a motion to dismiss under Rule 12b.
  • The filing included a lengthy "Preliminary Statement" outlining Coinbase's legal arguments for dismissal and links to supporting documents.
  • Analysts view Coinbase's filing as a creative strategy to present helpful documents to the judge through the Answer.
  • Coinbase's next appointment with the judge is on July 13 to determine if it can proceed with its motion for judgment on the pleadings.

The sentiment in the article is positive, with John E. Deaton commending Coinbase's filing and expressing confidence in the outcome of the case.

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