Ex Huobi Employee Leaks Users' Private Keys via Trojan Virus: Report 

Coin Edition
Coin Edition

16 Sep 2023 3:55 PM

Ex Huobi Employee unleashed security breach on iToken to expose customer private keys; enforcement launches investigations. Read more on CE....

  • A security breach on the iToken platform (formerly known as Huobi Wallet) has led to the leakage of customers' private keys.
  • The breach was orchestrated by a former employee of Huobi crypto exchange who planted a Trojan virus within the iToken system.
  • Law enforcement authorities are investigating the ex-Huobi staff responsible for the breach.
  • iToken's security system detected security risks and took swift action to protect users' assets.
  • Asset protection has been entrusted to Refundyourcoins, who successfully transferred compromised funds to a secure wallet.
  • Refundyourcoins plans to roll out a retrieval function to help affected individuals recover their assets across Bitcoin, Ethereum, TRON, and XRP Ledger.

The article discusses a significant security breach on the iToken platform, exposing customers' private keys. While the breach is concerning, there are positive aspects such as law enforcement investigation, swift action to protect assets, and plans for asset recovery. Overall, the sentiment is a mix of negative and positive.

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