Ethereum/Bitcoin Ratio Futures to Be Launched by CME. Here's When


29 Jun 2023 7:55 PM

CME Group is preparing to launch Ether/Bitcoin Ratio futures on July 31, broadening its cryptocurrency offerings and providing investors with a simplified approach to gain exposure to both cryptocurrencies in one transaction...

  • CME Group is set to launch Ether/Bitcoin Ratio futures on July 31, allowing investors to simultaneously invest in bitcoin and ether.
  • This futures contract will be settled in cash based on the final prices of Ether and Bitcoin.
  • The introduction of Bitcoin futures by CME Group in 2017 was met with controversy, but has since become an important tool for institutional investors.
  • CME Group has been expanding its cryptocurrency offerings, including the launch of Ether futures, Micro Bitcoin futures, Micro Ether futures, and Bitcoin Euro and Ether Euro futures.

The overall sentiment of the article is positive. It highlights CME Group's efforts to broaden its cryptocurrency offerings and provide investors with simplified ways to gain exposure to digital assets. The controversy surrounding the introduction of Bitcoin futures is mentioned, but it is followed by the success and acceptance of these futures in the mainstream financial world.

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