Ethereum: This is why ETH’s long-term potential looks promising


15 Sep 2023 8:30 PM

While Ethereum's focus on long-term adoption hasn't dwindled even a bit, the blockchain's network growth took a hit. Does this threaten ETH's growth in the days to come? ...

  • Ethereum's protocol layer is benefiting from the value generated in the WEB3 ecosystem, which highlights its long-term potential.
  • FriendTech, a WEB3 social application operating on the Base network, relies on Ethereum for transaction processing and contributes a substantial amount of revenue to Ethereum.
  • An analysis suggests that Ethereum may experience exponential growth in decentralized applications (dApps) over the next decade, which could benefit ETH holders and stakers.
  • The supply of ETH held by top addresses has been steadily increasing, while network growth has slowed down due to short-term market headwinds.
  • The growth of dApps can potentially lead to higher fees over time, although fee generation is influenced by fluctuations in network activity.

The article highlights the positive potential of Ethereum's protocol layer and its ability to tap into the value of the WEB3 ecosystem. It suggests that Ethereum's long-term prospects look promising, especially if it achieves mass adoption. However, it also acknowledges the impact of short-term market conditions on network growth and fee generation.

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