Ethereum Unveils Shiny New Testnet, What Does It Do? |


16 Sep 2023 8:00 PM

Ethereum developers have announced the launch of a new testnet for the blockchain expected to be a superior version of the Goerli Testnet....

  • Ethereum developers have launched a new testnet called Holesky to replace the Goerli Testnet.
  • The Holesky testnet aims to address supply issues and provide a stronger platform for testing complex upgrades and infrastructure.
  • Validators on the Holesky testnet will receive 1.6 billion Holesky Ether (HETH) for testing purposes.
  • The Holesky testnet will replace the Goerli testnet after its deprecation in 2024.
  • Ethereum will have two active testnets, Holesky and Sepolia, for further development and innovation.

The article highlights a positive development for Ethereum with the launch of the Holesky testnet. It emphasizes the benefits of the new testnet and its potential to improve testing capabilities and infrastructure. Overall, the sentiment is optimistic.

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