Ethereum Whistleblower To Reveal Proof Of ETH Founders’ Fraud


18 Nov 2023 3:40 PM

Amid the ongoing Ethereum scandal, former Ethereum advisor Steven Nerayoff has revealed how he plans on sharing proof of ETH founders' fraud....

  • Former Ethereum advisor and attorney Steven Nerayoff plans to share proof of Ethereum founders' fraudulent activities in a lawsuit.
  • A crypto enthusiast questioned the authenticity of Nerayoff's claims, stating that they lacked proof.
  • Nerayoff clarified that his recording was not directly related to the fraud but would shed light on what was happening and show his involvement.
  • Nerayoff accused federal agencies, including the SEC, FBI, and DOJ, of fabricating evidence against him.
  • Nerayoff asserted that the accusations against federal agencies were proven and publicly filed.
  • The crypto enthusiast highlighted Nerayoff's claims that Ethereum was not decentralized from the beginning, contradicting a speech by Will Hinman in 2017.
  • The founders of Ethereum have not responded to Nerayoff's accusations, and he believes their silence is due to the evidence he possesses.

The sentiment of the article is negative, as it discusses fraudulent acts, lack of authenticity, accusations against federal agencies, and potential evidence against Ethereum founders.

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