This Is Why Ethereum's Largest Testnet Launch Was Postponed


16 Sep 2023 5:53 PM

Ethereum's (ETH) Holesky testnet launch was postponed due to configuration errors discovered by the developers....

  • Ethereum's highly anticipated Holesky testnet will not launch as scheduled due to a parameter mismatch.
  • The misconfiguration issue was caused by the inclusion of extraneous data into an incorrect file.
  • The launch of Holesky Testnet has been rescheduled for the following week.
  • Holesky aims to be Ethereum's largest testnet with 1.46 million validator nodes, twice the capacity of the mainnet.
  • It offers developers a platform to thoroughly test decentralized applications and identify and resolve scaling problems before they affect the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Despite the delay, Ethereum's price was not significantly affected, experiencing a modest 0.84% uptick over the past day but still down by over 8% in the last month.

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