Ethereum drops below $1,900; will NFTs save the day?


27 Jun 2023 10:30 PM

Ethereum’s NFT space is witnessing a decline in the number of new and old sellers since 2022. ETH’s metrics also looked bearish. ...

  • ETH's NFT collections such as BoredApe and CryptoPunks have seen a drop in their floor prices.
  • ETH's on-chain metrics suggest that investors should wait for another price pump.
  • ETH's NFT sales volume and number of NFT sellers have declined over the last 30 days.
  • ETH's number of new and old NFT buyers has been on a declining trend for multiple months.

The article presents a concerning outlook for ETH's performance in the NFT ecosystem, with a drop in prices and declining metrics. However, there is also evidence of investor confidence and accumulation of the token.

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