Ethereum developers have a new update as Merge clocks one


15 Sep 2023 9:30 PM

Ethereum’s development activity skyrockets. However, there seems to be more on the table for the blockchain than just scaling and gas optimization....

  • Ethereum developers are working on the next phase of the blockchain's roadmap, known as the Dencun upgrade.
  • The Dencun upgrade includes improvements to Ethereum's execution layer and consensus layer.
  • Updates have been made to the proposed upgrade, including the deployment of Dencun nodes and the development of EIP-7514, which focuses on staking and validator rewards.
  • The EIP-7514 aims to slow down the growth rate of ETH staking and provide time for the Ethereum community to craft an improved validator reward scheme.
  • The introduction of Arbitrum and Optimism, two Layer 2 networks, is being considered to help with L1 costs and base fees.

The overall sentiment of the article is positive, as it discusses progress and developments in Ethereum's roadmap and upgrades.

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