Elon Musk Mulls Making Twitter X Pay-to-Play to Fight Back Against 'Armies of Bots'


19 Sep 2023 7:23 AM

Elon Musk mulls charging a fee on X, aiming to combat bot activity. Could this set a precedent for other social media platforms?...

  • Elon Musk plans to introduce a nominal monthly fee for Twitter X to deter bot activity.
  • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu suggested curbing bots as a measure against antisemitism.
  • Musk's proposal aims to increase the cost of running bots, making it harder to create a large number of them.
  • Bot armies have been exploiting Twitter X for malicious purposes, including spreading hate speech and conducting scams.
  • Transitioning to a pay-to-play model is a strategic move to combat bots and monetize the platform.

The article discusses Elon Musk's plan to introduce a monthly fee for Twitter X to combat bot activity. The sentiment is mixed, with some users praising the move as a step towards a bot-free platform, while others express concerns about accessibility.

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