Elon Musk Makes Important Comment on 'OpenAI Telenovela'


21 Nov 2023 2:23 PM

X boss has commented on the developing story of the “OpenAI coup” and Microsoft hiring Sam Altman to lead its new AI team...

  • Elon Musk has mentioned the recent situation with OpenAI on his personal page.
  • Musk states that more users are following the "OpenAI telenovela" and the ratings are high.
  • OpenAI co-founder and CEO Sam Altman was fired, leading to OpenAI president Greg Brockman's resignation.
  • Altman and Brockman have been hired by Microsoft to lead their new AI department.
  • 700 out of 770 OpenAI employees have threatened to leave unless the board that fired Altman and Brockman resigns.
  • DOGE co-founder Billy Markus has made ironic comments about the situation.

The sentiment in the article is mixed. Elon Musk's mention of the situation with OpenAI and the high ratings suggest a positive sentiment. However, the firing of Altman, Brockman's resignation, and the threat of employees leaving indicate a negative sentiment. The hiring of Altman and Brockman by Microsoft can be seen as both positive and negative, depending on one's perspective.

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