DYDX Announces New Date for Its Cosmos-Based Public Testnet


29 Jun 2023 7:45 PM

DYDX will release its public testnet on July 5, which is weeks earlier than previously announced....

  • DYDX Foundation will release its public testnet for its Cosmos-based blockchain on July 5, earlier than previously announced.
  • The testnet is the fourth phase of DYDX's five-stage milestones to test its blockchain before the full release of the mainnet.
  • During the private testnet, the team made improvements to the network, including enabling documentation for market makers and validators, limit orders, dynamic funding rates, and other features.
  • The public testnet will allow users to test and explore features such as accessing order books, account balances, order history, and market data.
  • Initially, the testnet will support only Bitcoin and Ethereum markets, but the project plans to expand to include at least 30 markets in the future.
  • After the successful completion of the testnet, DYDX will move on to the last milestone before migrating from Ethereum to Cosmos.

The article provides positive news about DYDX Foundation's progress in launching its public testnet earlier than expected and its plans to address Ethereum's scalability issues.

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