DWF Denies Wintermute's Market Manipulation Accusations


19 Sep 2023 3:45 PM

Wintermute alleges that DWF, instead of promoting liquidity for the healthy development of the crypto market, is involved in market manipulation....

  • Wintermute accuses DWF of market manipulation instead of promoting liquidity in the crypto market.
  • DWF denies the allegations and states that they are not involved in any manipulation.
  • Wintermute disagrees with DWF's portrayal of their over-the-counter transactions and claims they are falsely declared as transactions instead of investments.
  • DWF Labs specializes in dual market-making and invests in various projects.
  • DWF receives a large number of SPELL tokens from Abracadabra - Money's MIM Treasury Wallet, sparking speculation of a strategic play.

The article discusses a feud between Wintermute and DWF, with Wintermute accusing DWF of market manipulation. DWF denies the allegations and emphasizes their investment strategies. The sentiment is neutral, with conflicting claims from both parties.

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