Dogecoin Drops 7.5% as Elon Musk’s SpaceX Loses Starship Spacecraft


18 Nov 2023 2:01 PM

Dogecoin sees a 7.50% price drop as SpaceX's Starship test flight faces unexpected termination, impacting crypto and space sectors....

  • Dogecoin's market value dropped by 7.50% from $0.0857 to $0.0802.
  • The drop was caused by an unexpected development from SpaceX, where they reported the loss of their Starship spacecraft during a test flight.
  • SpaceX engineer John Insprucker mentioned that the automated flight termination system likely activated prematurely.
  • This incident had a significant impact on both SpaceX's space exploration goals and the crypto market, leading to a sharp decline in Dogecoin's valuation.

The article discusses a negative event that caused a drop in Dogecoin's market value. The sentiment is negative due to the loss of SpaceX's Starship spacecraft and the subsequent decline in Dogecoin's valuation.

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