DOGE Developers Prepare for Next Dogecoin Core System Upgrade


29 Jun 2023 2:39 PM

Dogecoin core system upgrade on horizon as DOGE devs ramp up efforts...

  • A Dogecoin developer named "Bluezr" has hinted at ongoing work on a Dogecoin Core upgrade.
  • The most recent Dogecoin core version, 1.14.6, was released in July 2022, improving security, efficiency, and the user interface.
  • Dogecoin Core 1.14.6 included security updates, changes to the fee system, and new features.
  • Vulnerabilities identified in Halborn Security's security disclosure for Dogecoin Core were addressed in version 1.14.6.
  • The upcoming Dogecoin core upgrade is expected to further improve security and functionality.
  • Another Dogecoin developer, Inevitable 360, has shared ongoing work on "Shibe Tips," which generates a Dogecoin Tips URL for mobile devices.

The article provides positive information about ongoing work on a Dogecoin Core upgrade and improvements in security and functionality.

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