Bitcoin Is the Big Winner in an Inflationary Environment, Says BTC Bull Anthony Pompliano – Here’s Why - The Daily Hodl

Daily Hodl Staff
Daily Hodl Staff

19 Mar 2023 2:30 PM

A prominent crypto influencer is doubling down on his belief that Bitcoin (BTC) continues to serve as an inflation hedge even after its deep correction last year. ...

  • Anthony Pompliano, a prominent crypto influencer, believes that Bitcoin still serves as an inflation hedge despite its deep correction in 2022.
  • Pompliano explains that markets are forward-looking and that investors sold their inflation hedge assets to buy treasuries and value stocks when the Fed said they were going to bring down inflation.
  • He also says that Bitcoin's recent 60% price upswing can be attributed to the king crypto's response to the current macroeconomic situation.
  • Pompliano believes that Bitcoin is the best inflation hedge asset and that traders should learn to ignore all the "noise" in the market.

The article has a positive sentiment towards Bitcoin and Anthony Pompliano's belief that it still serves as an inflation hedge.

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