BlackRock CEO Argues US Is Lagging Behind As ‘Interesting Developments’ Are Happening in the Crypto Asset Space - The Daily Hodl

Rhodilee Jean Dolor
Rhodilee Jean Dolor

17 Mar 2023 1:10 PM

The top executive of the world's largest asset manager says that developed markets are not catching up in terms of financial innovation....

  • BlackRock CEO Laurence Fink says that developed markets are lagging behind in financial innovation, while emerging markets are making dramatic advances in digital payments.
  • Fink believes that crypto needs regulation due to the risks involved, but also sees the potential for digital asset technology to transform financial markets.
  • The tokenization of asset classes could drive efficiencies in capital markets, shorten value chains, and improve cost and access for investors.

The article presents a mixed sentiment. While Laurence Fink acknowledges the progress made in emerging markets in terms of financial innovation, he also highlights the failure of developed markets to keep up with advances in digital payments. He sees potential in digital asset technology but also recognizes the need for regulation due to the risks involved.

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