NFT market manipulation? CryptoSlam claims suspicious activity on Blur

Dorian Batycka
Dorian Batycka

18 Mar 2023 9:00 PM

Blur recently announced an additional 300 million tokens to be rewarded to users as part of an ongoing loyalty program, a practice that some question....

  • Blur is a NFT marketplace that has surpassed OpenSea in overall sales value, but its success is being questioned due to potential market manipulation.
  • Blur's rewards program awards points to traders for listing and bidding on NFTs, which can be exchanged for BLUR tokens.
  • Critics claim that a small percentage of wallets on Blur are responsible for the majority of transactions, and that the surge in sales is artificially propping up the NFT market.
  • The future of Blur is uncertain, as it will need to gradually cede control to token holders of a newly established DAO.

The article presents a mixed sentiment, with some positive aspects of Blur's success and rewards program, but also highlighting concerns about potential market manipulation and uncertainty about the future of the platform.

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