Stealth QE: Feds balance sheet grows $300B, Bitcoin breaks $26,000

James Van Straten

17 Mar 2023 9:28 AM

Fed balance sheet grows by $300 billion as fed discount window borrowing hits-all time high and BTC breaks $26,000....

  • The global crypto market cap is $160.2 billion with a 24-hour volume of $303 billion.
  • The price of Bitcoin is $26,074.74 and BTC market dominance is %.
  • The price of Ethereum is $1,714.93 and ETH market dominance is %.
  • Yield Farming is the best performing cryptoasset sector, gaining 10%.
  • Shiba Inu's Shibarium testnet received accusations of being a ripped chain, sinking 7% in price in the last 24 hours.
  • The Arbitrum ecosystem is pivoting into a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) governed by the ARB token.
  • Nic Carter said the U.S. banking crisis took us a step closer to CBDC adoption, while speculations continue to circulate.
  • Coinbase and Binance both suspend USDC conversions until the dollar peg stabilizes, while BlockFi and Avalanche both reveal ties to SVB.
  • Sandeep Nailwal sees a crypto landscape dominated by Ethereum and layer 2s interacting with the base chain.
  • Brian Armstrong called on Congress to act fast on crypto regulation or risk losing ground to rival jurisdictions, including Hong Kong.
  • Fed balance sheet grows by $300 billion as fed discount window borrowing hits all-time high and BTC breaks $26,000.
  • Global balance sheets as a total have increased year-to-date, which includes China, Japan, Europe, and US.
  • ECB raised the deposit facility rate from 2.5% to 3%.
  • Bitcoin investors demand greater control with surge in self-custody withdrawals as significant BTC volume leaves markets.
  • Credit Suisse borrowing up to 50 billion CHF from Swiss National Bank bailout as Credit Suisse shares plummeted over 20%.

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