CZ touts rules for securitization of digital assets in new tweet thread

Dorian Batycka
Dorian Batycka

17 Mar 2023 10:36 AM

CZ's early morning thoughts echo others in the crypto community who worry that exposure to traditional finance can also hurt the industry....

  • Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, responds to the banking crisis contagion in the US, Europe, the UK, and Switzerland.
  • Wall Street banks agreed to provide $30 billion to prop up First Republic bank after fears started to spread that it was facing liquidity issues.
  • Circle, the company behind the stablecoin USDC, was forced to raise capital after over $3 billion it held in reserves was threatened by the Signature’s collapse.
  • The Federal Deposit Insurance Department (FDIC) had to step in to rescue the banks last weekend.
  • CZ and others reiterate their desire to see exchanges regulated like banks.
  • CZ gives some interesting parting thoughts for the industry to consider: don't lend out customer money to make money, let VCs do that; no revenue? charge a transparent fee for your services, like facilitating transactions (tx); tx cost too high? use blockchain tech to lower your costs; keep business simple.

The article discusses a serious issue of banking crisis contagion, but CZ's response and parting thoughts offer some potential solutions and a positive outlook for the industry. Overall, the sentiment is neutral to slightly positive.

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