OKX Witnesses Temporary Outage, Second in 3 Months

Chayanika Deka
Chayanika Deka

17 Mar 2023 12:27 PM

The company assured that user funds are safe....

  • Crypto exchange OKX experienced an outage on March 17th due to server issues.
  • The company assured users that their funds are safe.
  • OKX's tech team is working to resolve the service disruption and announced the start of market pre-open.
  • Trading resumed at 5:27pm UTC+8 after a cancel-only period.
  • OKX plans to conduct a post-mortem analysis once everything is resolved.
  • Users can sign up for a free weekly market update and coin analysis report.

The article reports on a temporary service disruption experienced by OKX, but the company's assurance that user funds are safe and efforts to resolve the issue suggest a positive sentiment overall.

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