$2.5 Billion Stolen From US Victims via Crypto Investment Scams in 2022: FBI Report

Dimitar Dzhondzhorov
Dimitar Dzhondzhorov

19 Mar 2023 7:24 AM

US citizens lost more than $10B due to online fraud in 2022, with crypto investment scams accounting for $2.57B of that sum....

  • Americans lost over $10 billion to online fraud in 2022, with $2.57 billion of that amount coming from cryptocurrency investment scams.
  • Crypto investment scams saw a significant increase in the number of victims and dollar losses in 2022 compared to 2021.
  • The most targeted group for crypto scams are people aged 30 to 49 who are active in the crypto field.
  • The FBI outlined common ways in which crypto scammers attack victims, including fraudulent liquidity mining applications, celebrity impersonation, and pretending to be real estate professionals or employers offering investment advice.
  • Romance scams are also prevalent, with victims being convinced to invest in a cryptocurrency project to fund a potential wedding or romantic holiday.


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