Get Fit and Earn Crypto with This New Crypto Startup – 10x Potential in 2023?

Jimmy Aki
Jimmy Aki

19 Mar 2023 3:20 PM

Play-to-Earn (P2E) is a fast-emerging section of the bitcoin business that allows users to earn tokenized incentives for playing Web3-powered games. Battle Out, a premium T2E environment, has raised over $5.6 million and has a 10x potential in 2023....

  • Fight Out is a Train-to-Earn (T2E) environment that uses tokenized rewards to incentivize users to engage in physical fitness activities and improve their health.
  • The platform has raised over $5.6 million and anticipates a 10x potential in 2023.
  • Fight Out addresses issues such as exorbitant gym membership costs, lack of social interaction, and disorganized workouts.
  • The platform offers personalized avatars that can be improved based on real-world experience and in-game currency called REPS.
  • Users can acquire or purchase decorative NFTs to personalize their avatars.
  • The platform incorporates movement speed, health, damage, dodging, and other actions based on real-world training and prowess.
  • Fight Out has employed four top athletes as ambassadors and offers live betting on MMA matches.
  • The platform's operations are based on gamification and prizes, with REPS being used to buy cosmetic NFTs, badge validation, and avatar enhancements.
  • The ecosystem's native digital asset, FGHT, will serve to develop the project's real-world components.

The article has a positive sentiment towards Fight Out, highlighting its potential to incentivize physical fitness activities and improve health through tokenized rewards and personalized avatars. The platform's incorporation of real-world training and prowess in the game is also praised, along with its use of gamification and prizes to motivate users.

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