NFT Collection STARKADE: Legion Price, Stats, and Review

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15 Mar 2023 7:30 PM

What is an STARKADE: Legion? STARKADE: Legion are a non-fungible tokens collection built on the Ethereum network launched in 30 January, 2022. 7,015 items of......

  • STARKADE: Legion is a collection of non-fungible tokens built on the Ethereum network.
  • The collection was launched on January 30, 2022, and currently has 7,015 items available on OpenSea.
  • There are 1,462 owners of the collection, and the market capitalization is 161.70 ETH.
  • The collection has had 7,270 sales at an average price of 0.20 ETH, creating a total volume of 1,424.422 ETH.
  • The floor price of STARKADE: Legion is 0.0179, and the 30-day trading volume is 1.22 ETH.
  • NFTs are still an emerging market, and it is difficult to determine the value of an NFT.
  • The price of STARKADE: Legion is influenced by its development and promotion by its creators and community.

The article provides factual information about the STARKADE: Legion collection and the NFT market. There is no clear positive or negative sentiment expressed.

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