What happened in crypto this weekend?


18 Sep 2023 6:24 AM

Ethereum developers have been forced to regroup after failing to launch a new test network, Holesky, on Sept. 16. The testnet attempted to launch with...

  • Ethereum's Holesky testnet failed to launch due to a misconfiguration in the source code, resulting in insufficient active validators for the network to reach finality.
  • Ethereum developers plan to retry the launch in approximately two weeks after resolving the technical issue.
  • Holesky is intended to replace the Goerli testnet and facilitate staking, infrastructure, and protocol development on the Ethereum network.
  • CoinEx, a crypto exchange, has published an open letter inviting hackers behind a recent $70 million heist to discuss the potential return of funds and collaborate on upgrading the exchange's security system.
  • CoinEx is willing to offer a bug bounty as a reward for returning the stolen funds and praised the technical expertise of white hat hackers.
  • United States prosecutors have objected to certain questions proposed by Sam Bankman-Fried's lawyers for his upcoming trial, deeming them unnecessarily intrusive.
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