US Judge denies SEC request to inspect Binance.US


19 Sep 2023 2:21 AM

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) faced challenges following its partial loss in the Ripple lawsuit. While the agency has been spearheading...

  • The SEC's pursuit of Binance.US has faced a setback as Judge Faruqui is not inclined to allow inspection of the exchange's documents.
  • Binance.US has been losing users, with trading volume falling from $150 million to $10 million since June.
  • The SEC has been unable to gain information from Binance.US and its executives, while the exchange's lawyers have resisted deposition.
  • Binance.US CEO and other top executives have recently stepped down, leading to rumors of a potential collapse, which Binance CEO CZ has refuted.

The article highlights challenges faced by the SEC in its pursuit of Binance.US, including a setback in court and declining trading volume for the exchange. The sentiment is mostly negative, with concerns about the SEC's case and the potential collapse of Binance.US.

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