JustLend TVL jumps after HTX advisor Justin Sun mints 815 million TUSD


16 Sep 2023 8:02 AM

JustLend decentralized lending protocol has recorded a notable jump in its Total Value Locked (TVL), indicating new capital inflow. Arkham Intelligenc...

  • JustLend decentralized lending protocol's Total Value Locked (TVL) increased by 21.5% after a transaction by Tron founder Justin Sun.
  • A Sun-related address minted 815 million TUSD, swapped for WSTUSDT, and deposited it into the lending protocol.
  • The transactions were claimed to be personal and unrelated to crypto exchange Huobi Global (now HTX).
  • An ex-Huobi staff is being investigated for deploying a Trojan virus that leaked iToken keys.

The article provides a mix of positive and negative information. The increase in JustLend's TVL is positive, but the investigation into the ex-Huobi staff and the security breach are negative aspects.

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