How the crypto market missed the 142% rally of the most expensive token after Bitcoin


17 Nov 2023 7:47 PM

Yearn Finance price shot up in the last couple of days, making it one of the biggest gainers of the recent short-term bull run. ...

  • Yearn Finance (YFI) price increased from $5,957 to $14,452 in just ten days.
  • YFI emerged as the second biggest gainer in the market, following Celestia's 172% rise.
  • The anticipation of Yearn V3's launch announcement drove the rally, but the low volume indicates limited participation.
  • Despite being the second most expensive cryptocurrency and the most expensive altcoin, YFI lacks utility, resulting in low trading volume.
  • The altcoin's price is currently at $14,457, with a 142% rise in the past ten days.
  • The altcoin shows potential for further increase, indicated by the MACD indicator and the absence of a bearish crossover.
  • To sustain the rally, YFI needs to establish $14,132 as a support level and aim for $15,000 and beyond.
  • However, if the market cools down and bullishness fades, YFI could decline and potentially fall to $12,200 or even $10,000.

The article provides a mixed sentiment. It highlights the positive aspects of YFI's price increase and potential for further gains. However, it also mentions the lack of utility and low trading volume as concerns.

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