Franklin Templeton spot Bitcoin product delayed as Fidelity joins BlackRock and Grayscale in Ethereum ETF race


17 Nov 2023 11:59 PM

Franklin Templeton, an American multinational company, is the latest name on the US Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) list of delays after the November 17 deadline elapsed. ...

  • The US SEC has delayed Franklin Templeton's spot BTC ETF, adding to the list of shattered hopes this week.
  • The eight-day window for spot BTC ETF approvals has closed, with the next date of interest being January 10.
  • Fidelity has filed for a spot Ether ETF, while hope for a spot BTC ETF in 2023 diminishes.
  • Rumors suggest that the SEC has advised exchanges that ETFs should do cash creates instead of trading in physical crypto.

The sentiment in the article is mostly negative, as it discusses delays and shattered hopes for BTC ETF approvals.

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