BlackRock rumors of shifted focus from Bitcoin to XRP fails to deflate BTC Spot ETF flare


16 Sep 2023 6:14 AM

BlackRock asset manager is making headlines on giant social media platform X, only this time not for the usual Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) theme. It co...

  • Rumors are circulating that BlackRock, the world's largest asset manager, may be reassessing its digital asset strategy and shifting its focus from Bitcoin to XRP.
  • These rumors have sparked speculation about the implications for XRP and the broader digital asset landscape.
  • If true, the increased credibility of XRP within the financial services space could lead to a rise in its market value.
  • The shift would also reflect a trend of institutional investors diversifying their portfolios beyond Bitcoin.
  • However, experts caution that the rumors are unfounded and premature, as there is no concrete evidence to support the claim.

The sentiment in this article is mostly neutral, with a hint of cautious optimism regarding the potential implications for XRP if BlackRock were to shift its focus.

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