Base transactions peak to a new all-time high, beats Arbitrum and Optimism Mainnet combined


15 Sep 2023 9:09 PM

Base, the Layer-2 (L2) chain for the Coinbase ecosystem, recorded a striking number of daily transactions on September 14, outperforming its peers in ...

  • Coinbase Layer-2 chain Base reached a new all-time high in transactions, approaching 2 million.
  • Base outperformed its peers Arbitrum and Optimism in terms of transaction volume.
  • The surge in transactions is attributed to the new social application, built on the Base chain.
  • has steadily increased its number of transactions and has an upcoming airdrop, driving user activity.
  • Data shows increasing capital inflow into, with a total value locked of $32.99 million.
  • Base has emerged as a strong contender in the Ethereum Layer-2 ecosystem, despite being only two months old.

The article highlights the success and growth of Base, particularly due to the popularity of the social application The sentiment is positive, emphasizing the achievements and potential of Base and its ecosystem.

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