Banking On Crypto: Santander Switzerland Offers Bitcoin, Ethereum Trading To Elite Clien


20 Nov 2023 6:00 PM

Santander Private Banking International has recently announced its foray into the crypto market. Catering to its affluent clients in Switzerland......

  • Santander Private Banking International has entered the crypto market, offering trading and investment services for Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • This move reflects the growing demand for digital currency services among institutional and private investors.
  • Santander plans to expand its crypto offerings gradually, adding more digital assets that meet its screening standard.
  • The bank ensures security and compliance by holding digital assets in a regulated custody model.
  • Commerzbank AG in Germany has also received a crypto asset custody license, positioning itself to cater to the rising interest in digital currencies.

The article highlights the positive developments in the banking sector regarding digital currencies. It emphasizes the growing acceptance and demand for crypto services among investors. The sentiment is generally optimistic and forward-looking.

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