OKX Liquid Marketplace Records Over $3 Billion In Institutional Trade Volume


30 Jun 2023 4:00 PM

Institutional trade volume on the OKX Liquid Marketplace, an on-demand liquidity network for institutional traders, has surpassed $3 billion....

  • Institutional trade volume on the OKX Liquid Marketplace has surpassed $3 billion.
  • The Liquid Marketplace is an on-demand liquidity network for professional and institutional traders.
  • OKX announced that its Liquid Marketplace has exceeded $3 billion, highlighting its success in providing deep liquidity and reliable execution.
  • The Liquid Marketplace has experienced rapid growth, with trading volume more than tripling from the first quarter to the end of June.
  • OKX recently launched the "Nitro Spreads" feature, allowing traders to make complex basis trades in a single click.
  • The price of OKB, OKX's native token, has not seen significant movement in the past week and has been in a ranging market between $55 and $40.
  • OKB's price has decreased by roughly 23% since reaching a yearly high of $57.98.
  • As of now, OKB is trading at $44.53 with a 2.6% price increase in the last 24 hours.

The article highlights the success and growth of the OKX Liquid Marketplace, but also mentions the stagnant price movement of OKB.

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