CoolWallet Teams up With XY Finance for Zero on-Chain Bridge and Swap


19 Nov 2023 9:00 AM

CoolWallet and XY Finance announce an exclusive campaign: "Swap Smarter, Bridge Better!" celebrating their strategic collaboration...

  • CoolWallet and XY Finance have announced an exclusive campaign called "Swap Smarter, Bridge Better!" to celebrate their strategic collaboration.
  • From Nov. 21 to Nov. 27, users can enjoy a zero service fee on all bridge/swap transactions executed via the new XY Finance integration in the CoolWallet app.
  • CoolWallet is offering this campaign as a gift to its loyal users, along with enticing rewards and zero fees.
  • The campaign also includes a thrilling event on TaskOn, where users can complete tasks to win XY valued up to US$500.
  • The introduction of an innovative bridge feature allows users to effortlessly swap and bridge tokens across major networks within the CoolWallet App interface.
  • CoolWallet aims to set a new standard in DeFi collaboration and user experience with this campaign.

The article has a positive sentiment overall, highlighting the exciting campaign, enticing rewards, and the aim to revolutionize DeFi collaboration and user experience.

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