‘They’re Playing a Game’: What New Yorkers Think of the SEC’s War Against Crypto


21 Nov 2023 6:28 PM

After the Securities and Exchange Commission sued Kraken, a small but trusted exchange, CoinDesk asked passersby for their views on crypto and regulation....

  • The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is engaged in a battle with the crypto industry, which has been calling for regulation for years.
  • SEC Chair Gary Gensler and SEC Director Gurbir Grewal believe their lawsuits against crypto companies are justified.
  • The SEC's dual mandate is to facilitate capital formation and protect investors.
  • Public opinion on crypto regulation is mixed, with some believing it is necessary and others seeing it as jealousy from established financial actors.
  • Kraken, Coinbase, and Binance have all faced lawsuits and allegations from the SEC.
  • Kraken is accused of commingling customer funds, listing unregistered securities, and having record-keeping issues.

The sentiment towards the SEC's regulation of the crypto industry is mixed, with some supporting it as a necessary measure for investor protection, while others see it as jealousy from established financial actors.

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