Does Worldcoin Need a Reevaluation? Understanding Sam Altman’s Crypto-AI-UBI Experiment


20 Nov 2023 8:39 PM

There’s lots to admire about the ex-OpenAI CEO’s crypto startup, despite relentless “techlash” criticism....

  • OpenAI co-founder and CEO Sam Altman was removed from his position due to alleged lack of transparency with the board of directors.
  • OpenAI, known for developing artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT, is considered a significant startup in the tech industry.
  • Worldcoin, a crypto-based universal digital ID protocol, experienced a drop in token value following Altman's termination but has since rebounded after Altman joined Microsoft to lead internal AI R&D.
  • Microsoft's $1 billion investment in OpenAI is seen as an endorsement of Altman's leadership.
  • Both OpenAI and Worldcoin are exploring unproven technologies, AI and crypto-based universal basic income (UBI), respectively, with skeptics and fascinated audiences.
  • Worldcoin has faced criticism for its dystopian image but is working on innovative solutions for biometric scanning using zero knowledge (ZK) cryptography.
  • Evaluating Worldcoin should be based on its merits rather than aesthetics, and opinions may be influenced by "mood affiliation."

The article discusses a shakeup in the tech industry involving OpenAI and its co-founder Altman. It highlights the potential impact of AI and crypto-based UBI, as well as the controversies and skepticism surrounding Worldcoin. The sentiment is neutral, presenting both positive and negative aspects.

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